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Android Application

24/7 access for you and your staff

Access your Creative Personal Assistant calendar anywhere, anytime. View your appointment schedule, workshop rosters and payments updated in real time. Easily set what each staff can see.

Stay up to date with Email

Keep your staff up to date with automatic email notifications so they instantly know about new, rescheduled or cancelled appointments – even when they’re on the go.

Track every reservation step

Get instant updates of new and rescheduled bookings, or cancellations – see when and by whom they were made. Automatically track use of gift vouchers and promotional discounts.

Go mobile with your reservation system

View and manage your web-based appointment calendar from any android or IOS device. Creative Personal Assistant is the only app you need.

Customize your appointment calendar

Color-code your services to know at a glance What has been booked. Your business hours, specific schedules and appointment durations for your staff to see

Track appointment attendance

No more endless copying, checking and rechecking. Track appointment attendance, no-shows and cancellations – see them in your reports.

Send automatic notifications and reminders

Creative Personal Assistant will help you reduce costs and no shows as it automatically reminds clients of their bookings via email.

Print detailed calendar schedule

Print your schedule and rosters with client details, amounts paid/due plus any additional option selected during the reservation. Your staff will thank you!

Organized client data at your fingertips

Clients info, simplified

Easily access each client’s full and current contact info and booking history so you can provide the individual attention that keeps customers coming back.

Remember every client’s name

Welcome clients by name whenever they walk in the door. Creative Personal Assistant’s client profiles feature your clients’ photo from Facebook or your own upload, so you will never forget what your clients look like.

Custom people categories to suit your business

Offer differently-priced services for custom people categories – such as students or seniors.

Get the info you need at booking time

Ask about client’s preferences. Questions appear seamlessly on your booking form and are automatically pre filled in all future bookings, saving time for you and your clients.

Safeguard client confidentiality

Easily see all their profile, booking and payment history.

Stay up-to-date no matter where you are

Wherever you are, you’re up-to-date with instant txt or email booking notifications and with your schedule automatically synced with your personal calendar.

Google Calendar 2-Way Sync

instantly see your appointment schedule in your Google Calendar. Your personal events are synced to Creative Personal Assistant to mark you as to show your availability for bookings. So you’ll never have to be in two places at the same time again.

Easily sync with your mobile device

Whatever device you use, CPA Calendar is always with you. Automatically sync your appointment schedule with your iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft phones/tablets.

Export all new bookings to Google calendar

If you are one of those people who like having your Google calendar always at hand to check your overall schedule, then using the Google calendar sync is something for you.

Google calendar events can also block time

If you need to combine your other activities with services availability, you can use a 2-way synchronization with Google calendar. In this case, not only your bookings will be exported to the calendar, but also your personal events will be brought from Google calendar back into the Creative Personal Assistant scheduler and it will block time and prevent clients from reserving time when you already have another event.


Custom wording in communication via notifications, reminders, feedback requests etc


Customizable email notifications for booking confirmation.
Whenever you or your clients make a booking, they will receive a confirmation email with the information about the booking. You can amend your own text in the confirmation emails as well as adding variables for client name, service, provider, email, phone, etc.

Feedback follow-up emails

Automatic feedback request will help you to gather more reviews on your booking page and increase your reliability level to potential clients. Simply configure when the feedback request should be sent and enjoy fresh reviews from satisfied clients!

Cancellation and reminder emails

It is easy to track cancellations with Creative Personal Assistant because every time your client cancels a booking you will receive a notification. You can also send reminders to your clients automatically before the appointment with service details to make sure they don’t miss it.

Send automatic notifications and reminders

Creative Personal Assistant sends automatic booking confirmation emails to your clients and it also helps you reduce costly no-shows as it automatically reminds clients of their bookings by email .

Android & IOS Application


Personalized app for your business

Our Android and IOS mobile app has all the features you need to add, book and check out clients.

Available for iOS and Android

Our application is available on both major platforms – Google Playstore and Apple Store.

Sleek, modern design with company name / logo

You can use your own logo, company or business name whichever you like.

Appointment booking

Easily set your own booking rules for appointments and workshops.

Extensive functionality

Get Extensive functionality, just a few clicks away

Programming & Implementation

We will do programming and implementation for you.

Get paid on time, securely and professionally

Stop worrying about handwritten credit card info. Get secure, encrypted and seamlessly tracked payments.

Wide range of payment gateways

Creative Personal Assistant integrates with major payment gateways worldwide, so you can accept fully encrypted and secure online payments on your website – we don’t require you to use our own payment gateway.

Flexible payment terms

Require online payments or deposits to confirm online bookings – or opt to collect credit card info if that suits you best.

Get balances paid online

Online balance payments mean your clients can pay when it’s convenient for them. Creative personal assistant automatically tracks balance payments for you.

Personal Website

Your personalized virtual “handshake”

With Creative Personal Assistant Web your business is provided with a homepage that combines clean design, mobile optimization, and your unique content. CPA’s customer service takes care of your website’s creation, maintenance, and hosting at no expense to you.

An Optimized and Responsive Design

Over 65% of overall website traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is crucial to allow all of your visitors to connect with your business no matter what size screen they’re using by adapting a responsive design.

Furthermore, search engine optimization is used to leverage your online presence. We provide you with support when choosing keyword phrases that fit your business and industry. These keyword phrases are the search terms which potential customers are typing into the search bar to find your business.


Get ready for a modern, mobile­ ready website that is unique to your business. Don’t worry, hosting and maintenance are taken care of.A dedicated web designer will be there to guide you through the initial set up.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll make sure your new site gets noticed.

Premium Support
A dedicated Shore expert will be there to guide you through the initial setup. Later on, our customer service team will create and maintain your site.